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Jodi Slootsky DMD - Reading Dentist

Jodi Slootsky DMD – Reading Dentist

Jodi Slootsky DMD

Reading Dentist

Jodi Slootsky, DMD grew up around dentistry and always knew that she wanted to go into healthcare. Her father was a dentist, and she worked in his office throughout high school. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, but the marriage between art and medicine inspired to her ultimately choose to become a dentist. Dr. Slootsky is committed to connecting with each of her patients to treat every person uniquely and compassionately.

Dr. Slootsky’s empathy sets her apart from other dentists. As a standard, she treats her patients emotionally before she treats their teeth. Each time she approaches a patient, she aims to figure what they want and what they are comfortable with to connect that with their dental needs. To her, her patients are real people, not merely sets of teeth.

Comprehensive, big-picture dental care is at the heart of Dr. Slootsky’s patient philosophy. She believes in treating the whole mouth and tending to long terms goals as opposed to merely treating what is hurting today. As a result of this philosophy, she makes sure that she has more time to spend with her patients and gives them her full attention. At its core, for Dr. Slootsky, dentistry is about the patients. Helping her patients and getting them out of pain is the driving force that continues to fuel Dr. Jodi Slootsky’s passion for dentistry.

When it comes to providing quality dental care, Dr. Slootsky takes pride in the service that she provides and the work that she does. She aims to always try her hardest, and she is dedicated to perfecting her skills to consistently increase the patient experience. The constantly changing nature of dentistry continues to excite Dr. Slootsky and inspires her to continue learning.

Outside of the office, Dr. Slootsky enjoys snowboarding, skydiving, road biking, exercise, photography, knitting, and cooking. In everything that she does, she honors it with her full attention. Be it dentistry or her hobbies, she is driven by a desire to become a better version of who she was in order to give more, to care more, and to be more.

Dr. Slootsky is a people person, and her patient philosophy is predicated upon building long-term, trusting relationships with her patients. Providing superior dental care and an unparalleled and compassionate patient experience emboldens Dr. Slootsky to show up and work harder, give more, and be better every day. Dr. Slootsky’s patients get nothing less than the absolute best that she has to offer.